Referee Expectations

Referees should only stop the game clock for injury time-outs.

"Mercy Rule" Clarification:

  1. If a team is losing by 4, they can add a player. If unable to do so, winning team loses a player until the gap is 3 again.
  2. Whether your team wins by 3 or 13, you are only credited with a 3-goal.
  3. This rule is to benefit both teams! The winning team is challenged while the losing team gets a needed boost.

Please be cautious when keeping score and recording other data such as league level and color ("green" is ok for "lime", but "yellow" is very different from "light blue"). Coaches should be signing cards after the game, not before, to catch any possible errors in scoring. If you aren't comfortable with coaches seeing comments or coach evaluations, have them sign for score and then add comments and evaluation after.

New Board Policy: Red Card Warning!

RE: Unsporting Interactions & Swearing

1. Parents should sit along the sideline opposite of the team areas.

2. Parents/Fans are encouraged to positively cheer and appreciate good play from both teams.

3a. However, parents/fans should not be engaging with opposing players for any reason other than to praise.

3b. Likewise, players should not be engaging with parents/fans.

4a. Any direct comments made to opposing players in a negative or unsporting manner will result in the flowing:

Sideline to Player, Sideline to Ref, Sideline to Coach, Sideline to Sideline:
The game will be stopped and the parent(s) will be warned for first violation (if minor) and their CHILD will receive a YELLOW CARD.

• 2nd minor violation will result in a RED CARD for their CHILD and he/she will be ejected from the remainder of the game and the NEXT game.

• If the initial comment is abusive or vulgar, a RED CARD may be issued immediately.

These rules already apply to players/coaches within the game:

Player-Player, Player to Sideline, Player to Ref:

• Yellow Card: Swearing that is not directed towards anyone
• Red Card: Swearing, or taunting directed to teammate, opponent, or sideline

In short, we are all are responsible for creating a positive environment, a little perspective and civility will do the community well. These kids will all be teammates upon high school, lets foster those relationships now. We will be better for it in the long run.